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Printing pads of various shapes, sizes and hardness to suit your  requirement, a variety of long-life Cliche Plates which give up to 10  million impressions are available from our plate etching department  assuring precise registration and excellent print quality. An extensive  range Proll Inks from Germany are available, Rita Pad has an ink whatever the product surface or shape. Training, after sales, customised machines etc., to suit individual needs.


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Cliche Plates

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Rita Pad offers more than hundred of standard shape pad, available in different qualities and hardness to suits industrial pad printing applications. Special pads for specific requirement can be developed and manufactured on request. The pad is certainly an important and critical element in pad printing. It takes the ink from plate and deposits it on the object to be printed. It is recommended for printing graphics with particularly precise printing.
The ideal contact angle between object and pad surfaces lies between 20 ° and 50 ° . The point of the pad is always critical area, especially where engraving is not screened. In general the point of the Pad must always find itself outside engraving.

New pad need to be tamped. This can be done by using Acetone dampened cotton and tamping 100- 200 strokes (up down) of pad. Now the pad is activated and ready for use. Do not use any other thinner for tamping of pad because other thinner will rapidly damage the pad surface. Pads should be always stored far from heat sources and in closed cabinet in order to avoid contact with dust and light.

Cliché Plates

To enable you to meet the high quality criteria in printing, we have developed a range of Cliché Plates suited to the various applications in pad printing. Our in-house artwork and plate making experts assure top quaility plates. Be sure too profit from the plus features of this high quality precise material (HCHCr) with the hardness of 58~62 HRC even in long run. It reproduces perfectly sharp solid images and all of it from the first label to the last, even in the long runs.

For durability, when it is not used the plate must be covered in polythene with the coating of anti rust oil.

We also deal in thin steel cliché, photo-polymer plates.

Pad printing Inks

RPPSL provides a range of standard, highly opaque inks, plus additives and solvents specially made for the product decorating industry. These top class pad printing inks are available in single or two component forms, UV curing type enabling adhesion to various types of materials. All the inks supplied are non-toxic with reduced levels of heavy duty metal as per DIN71 standard. Inks are available in various shades.

For general ink colour reference, please see the standard shade card. The colours shown here are apparent only.

We have two types of universal inks systems produced by Wiederhold, Coates Screen, German and Proll, German.

Thinners & Retarders

These auxiliary agents are used to adjust the viscosity of ink to the proper printing consistency in different type of environment and requirements. Its type and amount depends on speed of machine, environment, cliche depth etc.

Retarders are used for slow printing speeds . In many applications it is better not to use them alone but add them to universal thinners. Evaporation rate of the thinner/ retarder depends on the solubility of the ink. Thinners with good solubility are retained in the ink for a longer period of time than thinner with a low solubility.

Higher the amount of solvent added to the ink, longer it takes to evaporate and subsequently air drying of the ink will be slower